Accused murderer of teen found in barrel to stand trial

Accused murderer of teen found in barrel to stand trial

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“She needed to stay awake so she could still be alive. She was purple from head to toe,” Ms Maker said on Wednesday.

“That purple that I was so frightened for her that when he went for a shower I snuck out and got her phone so she could put it all over social media.

Larissa Beilby’s death sparked an outpouring of grief and support for her family.

“Because she wouldn’t go to the police station with me.”

Ms Maker said she was “petrified” of Mr Sikorsky, who she alleged had abducted her on more than one occasion and threatened to kill her.

“I was scared of him … (that) he would kill me,” she said.

“He had Teflon bullets he showed me and he told me he could shoot me no matter where and they go through armour.”

She also recalled the day when she helped Mr Sikorsky allegedly steal the black ute on which Ms Beilby’s body would later be located in a barrel.

Earlier, Ms Beilby’s friend Rachelle Pilon told the court about two nights she spent taking drugs with the teen and Mr Sikorsky in the weeks before she went missing.

“We smoked ice, pure, and drank some fantasy,” she said.

“There were sexual acts that obviously went on, you know, when we both, um, obviously I was on fantasy so blacking in and out.”

Ms Pilon didn’t allege Mr Sikorsky had sex with the teen.

Asked by defence lawyer Tim Ryan why she had taken the drugs, Ms Pilon said she felt intimidated by Mr Sikorsky, who was carrying a pistol.

Mr Sikorsky’s former housemate Scott Thompson told the court that in the hours leading up to Ms Beilby’s death he heard a scream in the backyard of their home.

“I could hear noises from (his) car … then we had a conversation with him saying something about ‘that chick is (going) insane’,” he said.

“He said ‘her face was in a bad way and it was getting infected and she was rubbing shit all over her face and she’s a bit crazy’.”

“I knew he’d punched her in the face.

“I said ‘just drop her to hospital’ (but) he was saying he wanted to knock her.

“He said ‘no, she knows too much’.”


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