Accused murderer ‘wanted trio of hitmen to kill wife’

Accused murderer ‘wanted trio of hitmen to kill wife’

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Gold Coast woman Novy Chardon went missing in February 2013 amid a divorce dispute.Credit:Network Ten

“He told me that he needed three hitmen,” Mr Aguilor told the jury, through an interpreter.

Asked under cross-examination why Mr Chardon said he needed three, Mr Aguilor replied, “so it’s not very hard to hide the body”.

Mr Chardon has pleaded not guilty to his wife’s murder more than six years after she was last seen.

Mr Aguilor has testified Mr Chardon wanted to lure his wife to the Philippines, where she was to be killed.

Mr Chardon allegedly asked Mr Aguilor if he would carry out the murder and, if not, to find someone who could.

They also discussed “finding a cliff” and hiding her body in a cave where her remains would eventually be found “so the children find out”, Mr Aguilor said.

“He said, ‘If you can find someone, I will pay US ten thousand dollars’,” Mr Aguilor said.

When he asked why he wanted her dead, Mr Chardon said it was because divorce assets were commonly split in half in Australia.

“He said to me, ‘and she’s got a boyfriend and that boyfriend will be an instant millionaire’,” he said.