Alex Dion ‘mixed up fact and fiction’ in stories about Wachira “Mario” Phetmang murder, court told

Alex Dion ‘mixed up fact and fiction’ in stories about Wachira “Mario” Phetmang murder, court told

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A man who denies murdering a drug dealer in Sydney’s west, but admits to dumping his body, has given numerous false accounts of what happened which “mixed up fact and fiction”, a prosecutor has told a jury.

Alex Dion, 40, is on trial in the NSW Supreme Court accused of murdering Wachira “Mario” Phetmang, 33, by inflicting serious head injuries in May 2018.

Killed in 2018: Wachira ‘Mario’ Phetmang.

Mr Dion has denied killing Mr Phetmang, but conceded to a jury that he did dump his bound body in bushland next to Homebush Bay Drive in the early hours of May 27, before flying to America later that day.

In closing submissions on Wednesday, Crown prosecutor Michael Barr said the prosecution case is “relatively simple”: that Mr Dion contacted Mr Phetmang to purchase the drug ice, then murdered him after an attempted robbery because he did not have enough money to pay for the drugs.

Mr Barr said Mr Dion claimed in his evidence that his housemate was responsible for the murder, but “on the Crown case you would completely reject that explanation”.

Alex Dion pictured in May 2018.

Alex Dion pictured in May 2018.

“In the Crown’s submission, the defence that has been said to you, by the accused, is like a bubble: as long as nobody touches it, it might stay there, but as soon as it’s touched, it evaporates,” Mr Barr said.

He said Mr Dion made up a story about being chased by drug dealers, which was “completely, completely fanciful”, and stayed up all night after Mr Phetmang’s death while high on amphetamines trying to think of what to do next.

“At this stage his mind is working: he knows he’s killed a person, he’s trying to figure out what he’s going to do,” Mr Barr said.