Charlie Teo and daughters ready for City2Surf

Charlie Teo and daughters ready for City2Surf

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Their goal is simple – Dr Teo has said he wants to “put himself out of a job” by finding a cure for brain cancer. The ways to do this, he says, is with better tools, more data and by empowering creative minds.

Despite his decades doing the race, he insists he’s “not a runner” and has only ever run the entire course once, preferring to walk and socialise along the way.

“Every five seconds someone will come up and talk – it’s a great spirit, a great atmosphere. Everyone knows why you’re there, raising money for good causes.”

Three of his Charlie’s four daughters, Alex, Nikki and Katie, will be running the race as well – with wings on their back as part of a group known as ‘Charlie’s Angels’.

“We used to get called that when we were younger,” Nikki said.

The sisters spend hours walking their dogs each day, and have run the City2Surf seven times before.

“The City2Surf is synonymous with the whole of Sydney being together, so it’s great to be a part of that,” Alex said.

The sisters spend hours walking their dogs each day, and have ran the City2Surf seven times before.Credit:Kate Geraghty

They said that hadn’t expected the foundation to grow so quickly – but that people had warmed to their alternative approach to charity.

“With the foundation in general we’ve had such an outpouring of support that we didn’t expect – especially as the whole thing is based on volunteerism,” Alex said.

“I think people are getting a little sick of just giving money to a charity, and they really like the concept of donating through time, or their expertise. It’s been really incredible.”

“And they can put a face to the people they’re giving money to, rather than just a website,” Nikki added.

“We’re trying to get more young people involved – and what better day to try and do that on?”

Registrations for The Sun-Herald City2Surf presented by Westpac, on August 11 are now open at

Matt Bungard is a journalist at The Sydney Morning Herald.

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