Coronavirus Australia: Victoria’s new COVID-19 restrictions

Coronavirus Australia: Victoria’s new COVID-19 restrictions

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Five visitors allowed at home

Victorians are now allowed up to five visitors at home in addition to the normal residents of a household. The residence includes the outside and inside of a private premises – so the total number of guests is five whether they are outside or inside the house.

The Premier said visitors should be limited to friends and family, in order to help contact tracing if someone contracts COVID-19.

“That’s where it’s really hurt, people not being able to connect to the people who mean the most to them,” Mr Andrews said.

“That doesn’t mean, and it is not an invitation, to be having a dinner party at every house every night. We have to use our common sense. We have to be proportionate, recognise that this is far from over.”

Outdoor activities limited to 10 people


Allow public gatherings of 10. Includes household members and other people, but up to a maximum of 10. A person cannot organise, or knowingly attend a father of more than 10 people.

Work at home if possible

Work at home unless it is not possible, and stay at home if you are unwell.

Workplaces should develop a COVID-19 plan in accordance with the Safe Work Australia principals. Maintain where possible: physical distancing, four square metres per person indoors, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and frequent environmental cleaning and disinfection.


10 guests allowed at weddings

Ten guests are now allowed at weddings, in addition to couple and the celebrant.

Additional requirement to keep records of names and contact details of each guest to assist in contact tracing if required.


Victorians will be allowed to have 20 mourners at funeral indoors, in addition to the people required to conduct the funeral. Not if held at a private residence – the five visitors maximum rule applies.

Outdoors, 30 mourners are allowed, plus the people conducting the funeral (this is a special exemption for compassionate reasons).

Additional requirement to keep records of names and contact details of each guest to assist in contact tracing if required.

Public parks, playgrounds closed

Outdoor gyms and skate parks are also closed.


Bootcamps with a maximum of 10 people are allowed, plus the instructor(s). Exercise is allowed in groups of 10 outdoors (or people of the same household). Activity must be done with people spaced 1.5 metres apart. Operator required to keep a contact list of people who attend.

Golf allowed

No other limits on outdoor sport means you can head back to the fairway.

No indoor sports allowed

People cannot exercise indoors, unless it is at their own home (where the five visitor limit applies). It means gyms and indoor sports centres remain closed.

National parks open

Hiking, fishing, hunting, prospecting, diving, boating allowed but the 10-person limit applies.
No camping.

More to come.

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