COVID-19 cases surpass 6.7 million worldwide, Australia death toll at 102

COVID-19 cases surpass 6.7 million worldwide, Australia death toll at 102

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Black Lives Matter rally in Melbourne.Credit:CHRISTOPHER HOPKINS

Professor Kelly said he was happy to see so many people wearing masks but didn’t know how many protesters had the COVIDSafe phone app which would help with contact-tracing.

“We are now having to wait and watch and we have talked about vigilance before and that cautious approach. We will need to wait and watch out for cases that may occur in the next week or two around Australia,” Professor Kelly said.

“My message to people that were at the protest yesterday and this is not a blame game at all, there was a decision made and the protest happened and we cannot turn back time but anyone who was at the protest, if you do get sick with symptoms that we have talked about a lot, cold and flu like symptoms, it could be COVID-19, please get a test as soon as possible so that we can know if that is the case and start the process of contact tracing to try and decrease any outbreak that may occur.

“There is no need for people who are at that protest to get a test unless they feel sick but if you are sick, get a test quickly and stay home until the result is possible. This will protect your life, the lives of your families and lives further into the community.”

Professor Kelly said speaking with protest organisers beforehand was beneficial despite concerns about the rallies on medical grounds.

“Talking with organisers of protesters, as has happened in recent days, has been very beneficial,” Professor Kelly said.

“Getting them to suggest and to encourage people to download the app would be extra reassurance but realistically, mass gatherings of any reason including protests, at this time, are very risky and I really would prefer it on medical grounds not to go ahead.”