Footy fans collapse at official Anzac Day lunch

Footy fans collapse at official Anzac Day lunch

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Another guest, Jan, told 3AW she began feeling faint almost immediately after eating the entree.

“Every thing started to happen about the same time,” she said. “In between [the entree] and the main, I started to feel like I might faint. I went to the foyer and I came okay.”

“At about 3.30 we went out to watch the football and a young man passed out in front of me. Later in the afternoon I had to go to the sick bay, because I wasn’t feeling well, and there were about 30 people there.”

While food poisoning is the main suspect, investigations are continuing.

A Melbourne Cricket Club spokesman said the club was working with the AFL and the Essendon Football Club.

“The MCC can confirm that at [Thursday’s] game, a number of guests presented with gastro intestinal symptoms,” he said.

“The guests were all part of the official match day function in the Olympic Room, and incidents are localised to this room only within the stadium.

“We are currently investigating to determine the cause of these incidents. We are working in co-operation with health services and our partners to understand what caused the medical issues.

“If you were a guest in the Olympic Room and are experiencing gastro intestinal symptoms, then please seek medical attention if the symptoms are causing you distress.”