Former tennis prodigy linked to ‘Bomber’ Thompson jailed over drugs

Former tennis prodigy linked to ‘Bomber’ Thompson jailed over drugs

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Police subsequently raided Holt’s girlfriend’s mother’s Mill Park house, where they both slept regularly, finding 212 grams of ice at the property.

A further search of Holt’s blue Holden uncovered knuckledusters with the words “bang bang” written on them.

The same investigation allegedly led police to raid the Port Melbourne home of former Essendon coach Mark “Bomber” Thompson.

Judge Liz Gaynor said Holt began life as an “extremely skilled sportsman” and his mother became preoccupied with him becoming a professional tennis player.

Holt began playing six tournaments a week, but became “burnt out” and stopped playing at age 18.

She said a major incident in his life happened when he was 16 and his father was arrested on drugs charges, which embarrassed the young athlete.


He then binged on ice and speed until age 21, giving them up when he became a father, but then joining an outlaw motorcycle gang, looking for a replacement father figure.

Judge Gaynor said Holt was diagnosed with a low IQ and struggled to use language to express distress, so would use his behaviour to do so.

She said Holt had a chance to change his life and attend drug programs to avoid a “revolving door” of jail sentences into the future.

“You were trafficking in the throes of a drug addiction … rather than purely for profit,” she said.

“[But] you are at the crossroads.”

The judge warned Holt that failure to address his addiction and live a law-abiding life could lead to more serious jail time in future.

He has already served 510 days in pre-sentence detention.


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