George could be a ring-in for George, by George!

George could be a ring-in for George, by George!

Off By

Expressing what many of you have been thinking, Stephen Tait of Rose Bay asks: “Has anyone ever seen George Manojlovic (C8) and co-correspondent George Zivkovic in the same room?”

“ZZZ (C8) is also the prefix for Comcars registered in NSW,” says Peter Mahoney of Oatley. “While I acknowledge the professionalism of the drivers, the plates may indicate that the passengers are sometimes asleep at the wheel.”

Showing superior sleuthing clout to Granny, John Rand of Belrose and Peter Riley of Penrith have delved deeper into Trove to discover the fate of Clwydd Moreton Beasley (C8). Peter reports that young Clwydd “was working on a circular saw at Pyrmont, cutting American pine, when a piece of wood, about 2ft in length, flew off and struck him with great force piercing his neck, and injuring his spine. He died 24 hours later in hospital. His mother sued his employer for £1000 compensation alleging negligence. That negligence, said counsel, was that of putting a boy known to be inexperienced to work at a machine that was known to be dangerous. She was not successful.” “Probably not the best article to read over dinner,” adds John.

“A form of punishment (C8), used by a teacher when I was in fourth class at Cleveland Street Public School in 1958, was to make boys who spoke in class sit next to girls,” recalls the well-behaved Christine Haines of Baulkham Hills. “When it was my turn to be used as punishment, I was delighted that the boy, Riff, treated me as just another classmate and talked to me. I sometimes wonder what became of this courageous boy who risked talking to me.”

“I was listening to a piece by The Flinders Quartet this morning,” says Ivor Berzins of The Entrance. “They needed a bass.”