Gold Coast needs a health check, new mayoral contender says

Gold Coast needs a health check, new mayoral contender says

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Ms Hecke is now the president of the Gold Coast Active and Healthy Lifestyle Alliance and since 2015 has been an Australia Day advocate for healthy living in regional Queensland for the Queensland government.

In 2016 she stood for the Gold Coast division around Broadbeach, but has now decided to run for mayor in 2020.

She wants to spend the next six months listening to the residents of the Gold Coast to hear their views in six areas ranging from traffic improvements to healthy living.

Ms Hecke says she is independent and not linked to a political party.

“I have always been independent. I don’t think party politics has a place in council at all,” Ms Hecke said.

“I think that is probably one of the problems with our currently run council.”

Ms Hecke believes the City of Gold Coast needs a change.

“I look at the Gold Coast and I think it needs a health check,” she said.

The health educator believes after two terms, incumbent Tom Tate represents only sections of the entire Gold Coast community.

“He isn’t really reflective of the entire Gold Coast,” she says.

Ms Hecke sees the job of mayor as “an advocate” for the city.

“In essence, it is an advocacy role trying to get the best outcomes for the community,” she said.

Ms Hecke begins her campaign with a six-month listening period to hear the views of the Gold Coast is six core areas.

“I will be running with six core goals as the focus for everyone’s attention, and these can be found
in more detail on my website,” she said.

Mona Hecke’s Gold Coast issues

1 – City design and liveability

2 – Traffic and car parking solutions

3- Budget health check including collaboration with state and neigbouring councils and businesses

4- Diversifying the Gold Coast economy and generating new employment

5- Protect the Gold Coast’s natural assets, and

6- Community networking and safety.

“I want to know what matters most to Gold Coasters, so we can confidently and collaboratively deliver what they need.”

Ms Hecke said she has spent a lot of time studying the Gold Coast’s City Plan and believes there is opportunities for change in traffic and ways to develop opportunities for new employment options.

“The time to put my hand up has never been more important than right now,” she said.

“I want change for good. I want to enable the best opportunities for the growth of our people and our city.”

Last month, Cr Tate confirmed he was seeking a third term, while Southport businessman Brett Lambert, who stood for mayor in 2016, is set to run again 2020.

Ms Hecke begins her formal campaign as a Gold Coast mayoral candidate Thursday morning.

Queensland’s local government elections – including the tussle for the Gold Coast’s top job – will be held in March 2020.

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