Hundreds copped illegal Origin power bill late fees over seven years

Hundreds copped illegal Origin power bill late fees over seven years

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Section 22A of the law only applies in Queensland.

In January 2019, the QCA identified six Origin standing offers that included $12 late payment fees.

In March 2019, Origin informed the QCA it had unintentionally charged late payment fees to some of its standing offer customers between December 2011 and August 2018.

Origin plans to issue bill credits to people who are still Origin customers, and will seek to notify those who are no longer Origin customers.

The energy retailer will also report monthly to the QCA over the next six months on the number of customers who have been contacted and the refunds paid.

QCA chair Professor Flavio Menezes said it was important for electricity retailers to meet their obligations, including the restriction on fees that could be charged to standing offer customers.

“The QCA encourages any former Origin standing offer customers who have been charged late payment fees to contact Origin to find out whether they are entitled to a refund,” Professor Menezes said.

“The QCA also notes that the Queensland government is currently reviewing the operation of the NERL in Queensland, and customer protections such as the fee types restriction for standing offer customers are part of that review.”

Origin was contacted for comment.