John Ibrahim’s son Daniel Taylor suing Sunday Telegraph for defamation

John Ibrahim’s son Daniel Taylor suing Sunday Telegraph for defamation

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Daniel Taylor is suing the Sunday Telegraph over this front-page story.

A statement of claim alleges the newspaper knew it was false to call Mr Taylor a “wise guy”, or showed “reckless indifference amounting to wilful blindness in making the allegation that the applicant is a wise guy when they had no basis whatever to do so”.

The document alleges the stories were presented in an “over-sensationalised manner”, indicating “intent to injure”.

Mr Taylor claims he was greatly injured in his reputation, has suffered hurt to his feelings, and has been brought into public disrepute, odium, ridicule and contempt.

He is seeking damages including aggravated damages, the removal of the stories from the Telegraph‘s website, an injunction preventing their repetition, costs and interest.

TheĀ Telegraph‘s publisher Nationwide News has not yet filed documents in the case.

The newspaper feature, which used police surveillance tapes and court documents to paint a picture of the Ibrahim family, referenced notorious incidents such as John Ibrahim helping to wax off a man’s eyebrows.

Several pages detail the relationship between Mr Taylor and his father, including Mr Taylor recounting a physical fight between the pair while speaking in an intercepted phone call.

One of the stories reported Mr Taylor suggested his father’s autobiography Last King of the Cross would be a top seller in Caltex.

According to Mr Taylor’s account in the story, Mr Ibrahim responded: “All you’re good for is a smart-arse comment”.