Kings Cross brawl: Five police injured

Kings Cross brawl: Five police injured

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Five police officers were taken to hospital as the riot squad was called in to break up a large brawl outside a Kings Cross hotel on Saturday night.

Seven people were arrested after the brawl erupted outside a nightclub on Bayswater Road, Potts Point, about 11.20pm.

Police were forced to use pepper spray to break up the fight, which resulted in four officers being taken to hospital with head injuries and another hospitalised with an arm injury.

Kings Cross Police were initially called to the area following reports of a disturbance after a man was removed from the hotel’s premises.

The Public Order and Riot Squad were then called in as the situation descended into a brawl, with a large group of people joining in.

Paramedics treated several people at the scene for the effects of pepper spray.

Seven people are now in custody at Kings Cross Police Station and Sydney City Police Station.