More homes now under threat as ‘dynamic’ Yanchep fires gain intensity

More homes now under threat as ‘dynamic’ Yanchep fires gain intensity

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Two Rocks Drive between Two Rocks and Yanchep, also Indian Ocean Drive, Yanchep Beach Road and old Yanchep Road have been closed.

“The easterly has been a telling factor in the day, each time we’ve got a containment line it’s just forced fire out and over the containment line, hopped in behind us and we’ve chased to catch it,” the DFES spokesman said.

“We’ve chased it for two to three kilometres and now it’s approaching Two Rocks Road, hence the closure of Two Rocks Road.”

About 180 firefighters remain on scene fighting the blaze with the help of Parks and Wildlife, and local government officers.

“We ask residents of Two Rocks, Breakwater Estate and Sea Trees Estate, make a decision now to evacuate before we’re forced to close roads that will prevent them from evacuating to that Gingin centre in the north,” the DFES spokesman said.

“We are in a period of changing weather conditions, we’re expecting a southerly change and we do expect to expand our road closures.”

Emergency evacuation centres have opened at 17 Tapping Way in Quinns Rock to the south and the Granville Centre on Weld Street in Gingin to the north to accommodate residents who have nowhere else to go.