New health advice for WA’s COVID-19 borders to be revealed in ‘next couple of days’

New health advice for WA’s COVID-19 borders to be revealed in ‘next couple of days’

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“We’ll release the advice and make further announcements in the next couple of days,” he said.

The border arrangements between other states which are open to South Australia remain a concern for the Premier.

“The chief health officer still has concerns about South Australia and our record has now been perfect when it comes to no community spread for the last eight months and we want to keep it that way,” he said.

“Very few countries in the entire world can say they have gone eight months without a single community case.

“We’ll just continue to be cautious and careful.”

Changing WA quarantine arrangements ‘disruptive and dangerous’


Mr McGowan’s Victorian counterpart Daniel Andrews announced on Monday his state would be overhauling its hotel quarantine system so no private security guards were involved when it re-started on Monday.

Mr McGowan said the idea had been investigated but advice from the Department of Health and the chief health officer said current measures were appropriate.

“The evidence has been over the course of the last eight months without a single community case of COVID that our measures have been appropriate,” he said.

“Obviously the Victorian experience was very different to ours … so no doubt that’s why they’re putting in different measures.”

Mr McGowan said disrupting the current hotel arrangements would be more problematic and potentially more dangerous than leaving the existing management system in place.

“Bearing in mind Victoria can start from scratch because they haven’t had any international visitors now or Australians returning home now for what, four or five months,” he said.

“Disrupting our arrangements would be problematic considering we’re taking in over 1000 Australians returning home each and every week.”

There are currently nine hotels in WA being used to quarantine returned Australians.

No new cases of COVID-19 were recorded in WA overnight but there are still 21 active cases.

Interstate travellers from the Northern Territory, Queensland, Tasmania and Australian Capital Territory are able to enter WA without needing to self-isolate for two weeks as they are considered to be very low risk.

Victoria and NSW are still considered low risk by WA and must quarantine for 14 days while South Australia is a medium risk with its residents unable to enter without an exemption.

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