Nicknames for plumbers are great craic

Nicknames for plumbers are great craic

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It seems like nothing can stop the flood of nicknames for plumbers (C8). While Peter Miniutti of Ashbury (and a host of other toilet humorists) points out that “plumbers may not have a nickname but they do have a crack named after them”, Breda Kelly of Drummoyne and Gary Lane of Milperra offer drano. Sue Lewis of Rosedale and Andrew Taubman of Queens Park think drippie is a winner and Brett Burns of Curl Curl is a fan of stinkie.

“Mark Greenhill (C8) is indeed the mayor of the City of Blue Mountains, and thereby head of its Council,” says Adrian Connelly of Springwood. “If he ever wanted to change it to avoid the bulk of the jokes, he could perhaps take the Italian form and be Marco Monteverdi, which seems to me to have a nice classical quality to it.” Joy Cooksey of Harrington says “he could hardly be called Mark Blue-Hills. Given that name he would appear to be a rather green, radio-listening, old woman”. And Katoomba is a long way from Tanimbla.

While Granny was thinking that Peter Johnson (C8) needed to brush up on his humour, Maurice Collins of Wollongbar was quick to applaud: “Even the kookaburras burst into laughter with me when I read Column 8 on Tuesday. I have a real struggle now to contain myself whenever I brush my teeth.”

You are not alone Georgina Blyth (C8). Peter Wotton of Pyrmont writes: “I recall in North Queensland, a workmate arriving with a badly dented car bonnet and a laughable explanation that a cow fell on it! It appeared that he was driving through a cutting when a stampeding cow did actually run over the edge and land on his car.”

“A chap was so in love with his wife, that for her he climbed the highest mountain, swam the widest river and sailed the seven seas (C8),” says Michael Payne of West Pymble. “She divorced him for never being at home.”