Perth goes into lockdown from midnight after new COVID-19 case detected

Perth goes into lockdown from midnight after new COVID-19 case detected

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If it was necessary to leave the home, Mr Cook urged the community to use the SafeWA app.

Physical distancing was essential, with warnings the Delta variant of COVID-19 could be transmitted very easily.

Schools and childcare centres will remain open, except for three schools listed as exposure sites.

Weddings are restricted to five people, funerals to 10 people and gyms, beauty and hair salons, the casino and nightclubs will close.

“In terms of businesses it’s terrible,” Mr McGowan said.

“Hairdressers and numerous other businesses won’t be open tomorrow, they’ll suffer financial losses. It’s absolutely heartbreaking.”

Mr McGowan said people who were in Perth and Peel would have to wear masks outside of their homes at all times unless exempt or taking part in vigorous exercise, and anyone who travelled outside of Perth or Peel since Sunday will also have to wear masks in public.

“I’m sorry it’s very disturbing but for the next four days you won’t be able to leave to go on holidays and that will no doubt upset many people and break many holiday plans but that’s unfortunately the world we’re in,” he said.

WA Chief Health Officer Andy Robertson said it was too early to say if the original case was a super-spreader but the Delta variant was proving a lot more transmissible.

He said the second case at the gym had identified 42 close contacts with seven initial negative results.

Dr Robertson said that they learned of the latest case at 5.45pm on Monday night and the man’s partner had tested negative.

He said while that was positive news, there was still a lag in testing.

“Most of the contacts that would have been acute occurred between Tuesday and probably Saturday or Sunday this week so most of the cases will be four to five days after that,” he said.

Earlier, Australian Medical Association WA president Mark Duncan-Smith called for a three-day lockdown, saying it would prevent the virus from “outrunning” contact tracers and infecting the community.

Dr Duncan-Smith said the situation was worse than it had been with other outbreaks as it involved the highly contagious Delta variant, and questioned the government’s reluctance to roll out further restrictions.

Mr McGowan said the Department of Health was working as quickly as possible with the rapidly evolving situation.


“Obviously there’s multiple exposure sites, there’s potentially thousands of close and casual contacts,” he said.

“Our contact tracers and our Health people are working as quickly as they can.”

See the full list of exposure sites below or visit the government website.