Producer admits Julie Bishop ‘not on board yet’ with big-budget talk show

Producer admits Julie Bishop ‘not on board yet’ with big-budget talk show

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“Classy industry this one.”

A pitch document containing details of the show, which would be called The Conversation with Julie Bishop, reveals the primary question of interviews would be, “what will Julie Bishop and her guest have in common?”.

But the central unifying theme would be, “what shapes the people that change our world?”

“Guests are selected from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, including well-known artists, business leaders, politicians and athletes,” the document, which was published by The Australian on Monday, revealed.

“Host Julie Bishop, accustomed to disarming the most tricky of personalities, invites guests on lengthy ambling interviews filmed on the street of a city of the guest’s choice, in full view of passersby.”

Interviews would be captured by 12 mobile cameras, which shoot the interviews on long lenses by a specialist documentary crew and Ms Bishop and her guest “move through their surroundings”.

The Conversation with Julie Bishop.

The show would be “pure conversation” between “two great minds” with “no tricks”.

“The strength of the show comes from the universal truth that we talk more deeply and naturally on the move,” the pitch document said.

“The outside world provides a dynamic background for a genuine conversation that would lose its warmth if filmed in a quiet and static studio.

“The hustle and bustle of the world are invited into the conversation – what happens when a member of the public interrupts the interview to share their admiration for the guest?”

Other proposed guests would include fashion designer Carla Zampatti, who Ms Bishop would interview in Milan about her career path and the changing face of the Australian industry.

Ms Bishop would also interview US Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader-Ginsberg on “law and truth in 2019” and her life as a “cultural cult icon”.

Screentime has been contacted for comment.


Ms Bishop did not contest the 2019 federal election after an unsuccessful tilt at replacing former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last year.

She has recently set up a foreign affairs consulting business with her former chief of staff Murray Hansen and has taken to the speaking circuit.

In October Ms Bishop will be the keynote speaker at Nuture 360, a retreat for Australian entrepreneurs and business owners in Fiji.

Nuture 360 was co-founded by former AFL player and coach Paul Roos and includes speakers, yoga classes and workouts, and “optional leadership and wellness sessions”.

Punters will pay $4997 to attend the event, including flights, accommodation and meals.

Ms Bishop is reportedly charging as much as $50,000 an appearance.

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