Queensland travellers to WA told to get tested, quarantine under tighter border rules

Queensland travellers to WA told to get tested, quarantine under tighter border rules

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“We’ve got a number of people who have come into the state from Queensland. I know of only one case that had been to any of those [exposure sites] but obviously, we need to wait for more details to come through,” he said.

“If you’re travelling to Queensland, you are taking a risk and we just simply want you to be aware of those risks and make sure that you take the necessary actions to protect yourself and your family.”

Mr Cook said WA would receive about 80000 doses of the first batch of the domestically-produced AstraZeneca vaccine from the Commonwealth next week which would allow for a ramp-up of vaccination efforts.

The new case of community transmission in Queensland is a friend of the 26-year-old landscaper who tested positive late on Thursday but who had been infectious in the community since March 19.

His was one of six new cases recorded on Saturday, however, the other five were all international travellers in hotel quarantine.

The case followed genomic testing that linked the 26-year-old man’s infection to the cluster from the PA Hospital doctor a fortnight ago.

It had been thought that cluster had been contained, but Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said there was still at least one missing link between that cluster and the landscaper.

“There is probably, given timing, an intermediary between the first healthcare worker [at the PA Hospital] and this gentleman, we believe,” Dr Young said.

“There could have been two [intermediaries] – those are the things we’re going back and looking at. We’ve re-checked all of those up to nearly 900 contacts, and all of those tested negative, so we’re just looking at where else there has been transmission.”

Dr Young conceded they may not find the link, however, she said the focus was on containing the current new cases.

In the 24 hours to Saturday, Queensland authorities tested 6881people, with long lines forming at many testing facilities in Brisbane on Friday evening.

Queensland currently has 71 active cases of coronavirus, most of which came from overseas arrivals, especially Papua New Guinea.

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