Severe thunderstorm warning issued for state’s west

Severe thunderstorm warning issued for state’s west

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Fire authorities are warning that the fire season could easily stretch onto April, with “enormous potential” for fire to affect more communities over the next few months.

While much of the edge of the 1.56 million hectares burnt in Victoria has self-extinguished, the hot spots are still able to catch alight on hot days, according to State Response Controller Chris Hardman.

“There are still lots of communities at risk from these fires such as Deddick Valley, and from Marlo all the way through to Lake Tyers on the coast,” he says.

“Last year we were fighting fires through February, March and to April. It’s still really important for these communities who have been facing these fires for far too long to not assume we’re at the end of something.

“We’re actually at the very beginning of our bushfire season.”

Mr Hardman says the Victorian fires will rage until “significant, sustained rain” is received.